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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Wheel balancing refers to the uniform distribution of the weight of a tyre and the wheel assembly to prevent loss of control. When one side is heavier than another, there will be some vibrations that can be felt coming from the wheels; the higher the driving speed, the higher the intensity of the vibrations in the wheels. This problem can be fixed with the process of wheel balancing Birmingham. We at Ritz Garage are backed by a team of trained technicians who use precision machinery to test and check the spots in wheels that are heavier than others. Once done, they will mount counterweights to the lighter side of the tyre to make it evenly balanced.

Our experts advise wheel balancing to be done once every six months or with every tyre replacement to ensure the vehicle's efficient functioning and prevent tyres from wearing out faster.

There are certain warning signs which indicate an imbalance in the wheels of your vehicle. Make sure to keep a check on them so that you can get the issue addressed as soon as possible. If you notice any of these symptoms, head over to our workshop immediately for a detailed inspection and get the problem fixed.

Signs of Wheel Imbalance

Decreased Fuel Efficiency:

Unbalanced wheels increase the rolling resistance of tyres, resulting in the car's engine being put under lots of stress. This increases the fuel consumption rate of the car, eventually decreasing its fuel economy. If you notice that your car's fuel efficiency has decreased recently, make sure to get your car inspected at our facility for an immediate solution.

Uneven Tread Wear:

When wheels are out of balance, the uneven weight distribution causes the tyres to wear out faster, reducing their lifespan. The most common sign of a wheel imbalance is uneven tyre wear.

The handling and cornering competence of your vehicle will decrease exponentially due to this. Therefore, to increase your car's driving safety and comfort, you should get the wheels corrected by our expert technicians.

Steering Vibrations:

Imbalanced wheels can cause frequent and high-intensity vibrations in the steering wheel. These vibrations are a clear indication for you to pay attention to your car's wheels to avoid any inconvenience on the roads. Opt for the wheel balancing service at Ritz Garage as soon as possible to ensure optimal functioning of the car.

Defective Springs, Shocks, and Bearings:

Due to wheel imbalance, your car's suspension system components are put under excessive pressure and can begin to malfunction. Moreover, it can lead to severe safety hazards if not corrected at the right time. So, don't compromise on your safety and stop by our workshop to get the problem fixed by our experienced professionals.

Ritz Garage is your one-stop destination for all auto maintenance needs. Wheel balancing Birmingham is a routine procedure for us, so we sort any imbalance quickly and with the highest accuracy.

Now, you can finally end your search for a "wheel balancing service near me" and head over to our facility during business hours. To know more about our specialised service offerings, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly experts!

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